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Laser Effects

Breathtaking indoor and outdoor laser effects.
They can be used at distances of up to 1 km away from the viewing audience.
Laser technology can be an impressive extra or an unbeatable addition in combination with high-altitude fireworks. This can only be achieved using equipment specially designed for outdoor application.

In stock:
indoor laser technology for events with 20 - 2000 people
indoor laser technology for events from 2000 – 20,000 people
outdoor laser techno logy for Laser shows or combined pyro / firework shows.

We will gladly create your own individual laser show, complete with indoor pyro-effects, music selection and mix. We will take care of all necessary authorizations, permits and safety tests in cooperation with the technical standards authority TÜV-Süddeutschland. All out technical and safety equipment is in full compliance with the latest 2009 legal standards.

Water Effects

We have also extended our competence in this field, too, and can now offer water shows, both indoor and outdoor, ranging from simple water screens to 60 metre high fountains.

In stock:
Up to 80 metre water screens for indoor fountain systems, hydro shields and floating platforms for outdoor use.

For the operation of our laser systems and water techniques, certain basic technical pre-requisites are needed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

All laser and water effects can, of course, be synchronised with the music and so perfectly choreographed, even with pyrotechnics and high altitude fireworks, too!